Thomas Hobohm


Proof is a secure authentication framework for single page applications built with Ruby on Rails. It implements robust Unit Tests and an easy-to-use interface. Find it on its website or GitHub.


Julian is a tutoring platform that rapidly connects students to qualified tutors via text using the Twilio API. It won First Place and Best in Design at HackUTD in 2017 (500+ participants). Find it on GitHub or DevPost.


Scheme is a brainstorming and chat platform for Hackathons built for HackDFW 2016. It uses Websockets for real-time chat updating. Find it on GitHub or DevPost


Lucid is a revolutionary sleep tracking tool that integrates sentiment analysis with an online dream journal, built at HackHarvard 2017. It leverages React on the frontend and Express + Mongo on the backend. Find it on GitHub.


Fortify is a social network for tracking workout plans and fitness progress built in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. I singlehandedly designed and built the web application. Find it on GitHub.


DarkPython is a Python IDE designed with the classroom in mind. It supports syntax highlighting and a custom debugger. It implements Multithreading and Text Analysis. Find it on GitHub.